About US

Who we are?

The governors of the ten provinces that we integrate the “Norte
Grande Argentino” we intend to be protagonists of our time,
claiming the legacy of our founding fathers and multilingual,
multireligious identity and multicultural of our peoples and

We want to be protagonists in the recovery of the Argentine Republic from the production, employment, and exports, healing the wounds of the past, correcting the asymmetries of the present, and building the common destiny of a promissory future. We have decided to set in motion the Regional Council that provides for the “Norte Grande Argentino” regional integration treaty through the Assembly of Governors, the Executive Board, and the Coordinating Committee.
All these actions have the objective to promote regional unity and the strategic development of our region through the creation of a thematic and proactive agenda in terms of integrated logistics, urban and rural road network, drinking water and sewage, housing, fiber optics and connectivity, urban and rural energy, economic development and investments, territorial and urban planning, education, health, sports, tourism, culture, security, justice, environment, regional integration and internationalization of our production. The “Big North” constitutes 30.6% of our continental territorial surface, 21.8% of our population, and a third of our cultivable agricultural surface. Our “Big North” generates strategic minerals for the development of the country such, as lithium and copper, along with hydrocarbons and renewable energy, which are the stone basal of the growth of our country.

In this region, we produce the food present on the table of homes throughout the country. Our regional economies produce rice, yerba mate, tea, cotton, soybeans, lemon, corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, sugar, beans, chickpeas, safflower and spurge, alfalfa, tobacco, aromatic plants, quality wines, beef, sheep, poultry, fruits, vegetables, flowers, tannin, charcoal, furniture, software, and tourism, through an ecosystem of industries and businesses of large, medium and small companies that have forged a great experience over time. Our provinces and communities, located in the core of the country, make up a region that was not favored in the past, since the per capita income is half that of the national average, with the most adverse social indicators, the product of historical asymmetries that we propose correct with solid cooperation. We want to execute strategic clean and renewable energy projects to build a healthy environment, reaffirming our commitment to an environmental agenda designed to reduce climate change. We want to work together, in a coordinated way, to achieve the 2030 sustainable development goals. We want strategic infrastructure works that allow the integration of the NOA (Argentine Northwest) and the NEA (Argentine Northeast) into a competitive “Big North”. To make this possible, we need a bi-oceanic corridor that integrates our borders with rail, road, river, and port networks. We want to raise Argentina by producing goods and services that generate high-value exports, create jobs, and contribute to the growth of Argentines.
We want to integrate the National Universities, investors, workers, social movements, and all northerners to build a future of greatness.

We have a North. A Big North. For a united and federal Argentina.